The Value of Quickbooks

QuickBooks is accounting software that many small businesses use to do their own payroll, pay bills, and accept payments with. It’s a widely used product and is of great benefit for businesses, but it can also prove to be frustrating at times. Not everyone is familiar or comfortable with accounting or number-crunching in general, let alone trying to figure out and use accounting software correctly. It can be intimidating!

If that’s you, then you might be interested in hiring a QuickBooks consultant to help with both set-up and support for your business.

QuickBooks consultants can offer you and your business support with:

  • Troubleshooting
  • POS Systems
  • System Upgrades & Integrations
  • File Review, Clean Up, & Organization
  • Data Conversion
  • System Design & Customization
  • Inventory
  • Answering General Questions
  • Set Up
  • General Training
  • Creating Expense & Income Categories


That’s not an extensive list, so make sure the consultant you go with offers all of the services your business will need. Having someone who knows what they’re doing and what they’re talking about, and who can answer any number of miscellaneous questions, is both valuable and vital when it comes to running and growing your business successfully. Thus, a QuickBooks consultant is a worthy addition to the people you know!

When beginning the search for the right consultant for your business, there are a few things you’ll want to look for.

  • Certification. Make sure the consultant is certified as an Advanced QuickBooks Advisor, as certification is a good indicator that the consultant has knowledge of both QuickBooks and basic accounting. Anyone can call themselves a consultant, and many non-certified people may actually know how to operate QuickBooks rather well. But for the safety and security of your business, it’s always best to go with a trusted professional. You can check out an official list of certified consultants in your area here.
  • Experience. In the same line of importance as certification, experience is also important when seeking a consultant. Make sure they know what they’re doing, and know how to meet the specific needs of your business. While not a necessity, it would be beneficial if they’ve worked with a business similar to yours in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask for client testimonials, or to ask for referrals from trusted individuals.
  • Communication. You want the most for your money, so make sure you hire a QuickBooks consultant who will listen to you, and who does their best to understand what it is you want and need for your business. Also, if you’re not familiar with accounting or QuickBooks jargon, make sure your consultant is willing to explain things to you in a way you understand.


QuickBooks can be a bumpy road to navigate if you’re unfamiliar with it, but thankfully, there are qualified guides to help along the way! If you’re a business owner who feels stuck, consider hiring a certified consultant who can help you learn and navigate QuickBooks and get the most out of it. That way, you can get back to doing what you do best: running and growing a successful business!